Odissi Classes


  • Adults and children;
  • Beginners, intermediate and advanced levels;
  • Semester begins the first week of September each year !
  • To register, please contact the ADO directly at: 819-246-1726 or www.jedanse.ca



Odissi dance is both vigorous and gracious and develops coordination, balance, rhythm and sensibility. With a strong emphasis on footwork, this dance also delves in the realm of symbolism with the use of mudras (hand gestures and mime). In this technique, the dancer is often in an open “plié” position, firm and centered while the upper body remains fluid using subtle torso, head and eye movements.

After learning basic technique, one learns the traditional Odissi dance repertoire. There is a fixed repertoire, common to most teachers but which comprises chorographical variations. The repertoire comprises two broad categories:

  1. Nritta (pure). bstract dance choreographies with strong technical and rythmical basis set on a particular raga.
  2. Nritya (expression). Choreography developed based on poetry or a story where the dancer reveals the sense of the story. Poetry and stories are inspired by Hindu mythology or local folk.

The music that accompanies Odissi dance is based on classical tradition and comprises vocal, percussion (manjira and pakwaj), flûte (bansuri) and stringed instruments (sitar, violin).