ARŪPA 2019


Choreography and dance:  Sonia St-Michel and Julie Beaulieu

Music:  Jonathan Voyer

Lights: Chantal Labonté

Costume: Roxane Beaulieu

Video by: Robin P. Gould

Like two contemplative warriors, they move from invocation to evocation. Body, memory, thought, images, traces exist somewhere between form and formlessness in their shapeshifting dance. Following the patterns of a yantra, a ritualized geometric space inspired by diagrams and games, they construct an architecture of sound and movement: an imaginary temple. Presented May 2-5th 2019 in Montreal at Tangente in collaboration with Festival Accès Asie.


Premiere:  Co-presented by Tangente and Festival Accès Asie, May 2019

Partners:  Canada Council for the Arts, Ottawa Dance Directive (ODD), Académie de danse de l’Outaouais, Salle Émile Legault du Cégep de Saint-Laurent, Dance Department UQAM, Quai 5160 - Maison de la culture de Verdun and CRILQC (UQAM).