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Our Team


Bruce Cawdron
Bruce Cawdron.jpg

Bruce Cawdron has been making music in the Montreal scene since the late '80s. He is a founding member of many influential and acclaimed bands such as Godspeed You Black Emperor, Esmerine, and Set Fire To Flames. A Polaris Prize (2012) and multiple Juno award-winning (2014, 2016) instrumentalist and composer, Bruce has written music for many film (including Cannes award winning Madame Tutli Putli) and dance projects. He now lives near Wakefield, Qc.

Chantal Labonté

Chantal Labonté is a graduate of the University of Ottawa theatre department and the production program at the National Theatre School of Canada (NTSC). She works in theatre, dance and opera both in french and English. She has been awarded two Rideau Awards for best lighting design of the year for the production On Verra produced by Théâtre du Trillium in 2016 and Les Passants co-produced by the GCTC and la Catapulte in 2017. Parallel to designing, Chantal tours internationally with la Compagnie Marie Chouinard.

Julie Beaulieu

Julie Beaulieu is a dancer, researcher and teacher. She holds a master's degree in dance from the University of Quebec in Montreal and has started a doctorate in studies and practices of the arts (UQAM). Disciple of Vidwan Rohini Imarati, she periodically stays in India in order to perfect the art of Bharatanatyam, to offer performances and to create new choreographic creations. In 2010, Julie co-founded Saṃskāra: les artisans du passage with the musician and researcher Jonathan Voyer. She is an associate member of the Center for Studies and Research on India, South Asia and its Diaspora (CERIAS) and a member of the International Dance Council CID.

Anjali Patil

Anjali Patil is a dancer-choreographer trained under renowned masters of classical Indian dance Kathak. She is founder and artistic director of Aroha Fine Arts, one of only a handful of organizations working in the professional Kathak dance milieu. Anjali performed her works at noteworthy events - from the Canada Dance Festival to Delhi International Arts Festival, the Junos to International Film Festival of India. Her speaking engagements include the Dance Department at Hyderabad University, India, and the National Centre for Performing Arts, India. Anjali teaches in Canada, India and the Middle East. Anjali produces ArohaFest - Canada's first bilingual festival celebrating arts of India in Canada.

David López
Hugo Lopez

David López and MrPazzo Studio

David López is a freelance photographer and videographer.  He has a Bachelor degree in Sciences and Techniques of Communication (1997). Since 2004, he developed interest and experience in shooting photography and videography for dance artists and companies.  Sonia St-Michel (2004-present), Upasana Dance Company  (2005 to 2011), Aroha Fine Arts (2013-present).  He carries out research projects in several parts of the world for his productions (Mexico, Guatemala, Europe, India)  He works closely with his brother Hugo López from MrPazzo studio in Mexico City. 

Hugo Lopez is a graduate from the Visual Communication program at the University of Communication.  He specializes in audiovisual production and has gained experience working with production and advertising agencies, corporate clients, animation studios, film and production houses.  In 2007, he founded the audiovisual production studio MrPazzo Studio developing a client base in Mexico, Canada and Switzerland. and



Sangeeta Raju

Sangeeta Raju is an emerging Odissi dancer and multimedia artist.  She began practicing Odissi at the age of 8, has performed in Canadian cities (Ottawa, Toronto, and Halifax) and in her parents’ home state of Andhra Pradesh in India.  She completed a Bachelor in Information Technology from Carleton University specializing in Interactive Multimedia and Design (2019).  Having practiced artistic expression in its various manifestations, Sangeeta seeks to push the boundaries separating a performing artist from a visual artist from a technologist in order to create multi sensory experiences for both the artists involved and the audience. A mentee of Sonia St-Michel she is also training with the Odissi Dance School.

Board of Directors


Lorena García Girón, President

Jacques Falquet, Vice-president

Marijo Cyr, Secretary and Tresurer 

Geeta Choudhury, administrator

Sonia St-Michel, administrator

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