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The Odissi Dance School (ODS) is a initiative for the study of Odissi dance where students are guided as they awaken and develop their artistic potential and learn to practice dance as a yoga, a path to self-knowledge, confidence and joy. 

Odissi dance developed in the eastern state of Odisha in India and is an internationally recognized art form.  The practise consists in the study of Odissi’s rigorous technique and accompanying dance theory, slowly progressing to learning choreographies from the traditional repertoire.  

At ODS, exploration and artistic inquiry is nurtured.  Our particular approach integrates Alexander Technique and Yoga, somatic practices that help students develop more mindfulness in their practice. 

At the ODS, we offer group and private classes for children, youth and adults from beginners to advanced levels.  We conduct weekly dance programs from September to June and intensive trainings over the summer period.

Art is a powerful vector for well-being. Odissi practice can stimulate attention, concentration reduce stress, contribute to self-growth and build confidence.

Ongoing registrations at our two locations in Gatineau and Ottawa. 

*Online classes are available only for students with prior Odissi dance training.

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