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Sonia St-Michel Creations is active in promoting arts education.  We provide artistic experimentation opportunities for students focused on exploring Indian dance, inviting participants to engage in a collaborative and open creative process.  We have facilitated workshops in schools and communities for more than a decade. 

We offer performances, workshops and residencies in French and English, adapted for elementary and high school students. 

Projects are tailored to meet the needs of each school and include:

  • School performances;

  • One-time workshop for a group the duration of a period;

  • Series of workshops to go more in-depth;

  • Artist residency over long term period to create a new work with students;


Art is a powerful vector for well-being.  Over the years teachers and students express that our workshops are fun, engaging and calming, all the while stimulating attention, presence, reflexion, concentration and reducing stress.

It is always a pleasure to talk to teachers that are ready to welcome us in their classroom. For more information on performances, the content of the workshop or for specific questions or concerns, please contact us.


*All of our bookings are managed through the website of our trustworthy and long time partners ELAN and Culture in School.




*English schools only



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