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Youth Festival

Nritya Mahotsav is a dance festival dedicated to students engaged in the practice of Indian dances.

In 2019, we co-founded the biennal festival in collaboration with Aroha Fine Arts (Kathak) and Sadhana School of Indian Arts (Bharatanatyam) as part of our commitment to promote the arts and increase accessibility of dance in Canada . 

While young dancers are learning distinct forms of dance, they are united in their practice and their dedication.

Classical Indian dance is contemporary because it’s practiced here today and is continuously renewed. It's a process to embark on the journey of learning a centuries old tradition and to feel that the art form can and should belong to us and be a part of our everyday life.

Throughout its various historical developments and at the core of this art form has always remained the importance of the community. These dances used to be and can still be practiced as rituals.  Coming together as an audience, when we witness them, can we let the dance remind us of the importance of beauty, dedication, love, and that in the end we all strive to connect with the creation? Art is creation.

At ODS we are actively contributing to preserve and develop an artistic practice that is vibrant, continuously evolving and renewed.

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